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We rode from Santa Barbara to San Diego; 227 miles.

It kind of totally sucked but we DID IT.

We took the train up to Santa Barbara the day before, woke up at 3:30AM, and were on the road by 4AM. We rode all along the amazing west coast until we got back to San Diego at about 10:30PM. Yep. About 18, almost 19 hours on a bike. We started with 7 riders and ended with 5. One we lost up in LA and the other blew his knee out in Laguna Hills. Crazily enough, there was only one flat on the entire ride.

You know, we did this ride on the Summer Solstice. It was deemed the Suffer Solstice ride about 100 miles in to it. Regret took over but our drive was insurmountable. We battled the rough headwind along the bright sun only to return back to San Diego in the dewy night freezing cold. There were parts that pushed us to limits we never thought we could ever reach but you know what? WE DID IT.

We did it and we’re already working on how to make the 2014 Ride4Water even better! Stay tuned..

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