Ryan Delamater founded Ride4water as He completed Grad School and went on a 10,000 mile bicycle ride through 10 countries (Canada to Colombia) to raise funds for water projects in Palmercito, El Salvador.


He also likes to shred.


We believe in H30 (Salt Water + Clean Water + Living Water) as a strategy for the future. Salt Water = Culture. Clean Water = Cause. Living Water = Community. It is my hope for H30 to be easily reproducible.


H30 is our strategy for the future. It’s a simple equation. H10 Salt Water (Our Culture) + H20 Clean Water (Our Cause) + H30 Living Water (Our Community).

H10 SALT WATER (Our Culture)

We’ve spent most of my life in love with the ocean. Sand. Surfing. BBQ’s. Skateboarding. Riding Bicycles. Drinking Beer. Hanging out. Roasting Coffee. Playing Music. Anytime I have lived farther than walking distance to wake up and go surf or ride my bicycle I freak out. This is My Culture.

H20 CLEAN WATER (Our Cause)

Over Billion people don’t have it. We use our culture and all the influence we have to develop and build sustainable empowering clean water solutions. We have been doing clean water work there for a few years now and in 2018 we will install our 1st solar powered Desalination Project in Palmercito that will use solar energy to produce 500+ gallons a day of clean drinking water for the entire community. This is My Cause.

H30 LIVING WATER (Our Community)

All of this is motivated by our love and devotion to Jesus Christ. Soon we will complete H30 as a strategy by starting  Living Water Communities that meet Weekly. These are purpose driven in theology, design, paradigm, philosophy , training, and network. This is Our Community.