H30 El Salvador


March 6-15, 2015 we will be traveling from San Diego to El Salvador for H30

What is H30? H30 is:

SALT WATER-we will be surfing Punta Roca and the fabled right hander La Libertad. The water is about 80 degrees

CLEAN WATER-we will be partnering with Nataly Flores who lives in just outside La Libertad, El Salvador to do a clean water project for a few families in need there

LIVING WATER-we will share how our story of faith intersects with other peoples story’s of faith and celebrate this together publically


In 2011 I rode my bicycle through El Salvador. I spent about a week in La Libertad. when I was there it stood out to me as a place that had a mix of epic surf and severely underserved locals with dirty water. This is a trip I have had in my heart to do for the past 4 years. Now that time has come.

We will be flying from San Diego on Friday, March 6th to San Salvador, El Salvador. When we land we will drive by van to La Libertad where we will be staying at La Guitiarra Hostel. This is the hostel I stayed at in 2011. The place is epic. You can find pics here

This Trip is open to 20 people. The price is $1500.00 round trip. for those bringing surfboards it is an extra $100 so we recommend bringing a board bag with fins removed and putting 3 boards in so you can split those fees with a friend on the trip.


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